Of course, you want to do things your way. Why not?!

You want more than the standard set of words used in registry offices.

Different; yours and your partner’s personalities, words and wishes for your special day, all wrapped up in your very own ceremony.

Maybe religion plays little or no role in your life and yet you want to show and feel your own spirituality and beliefs.

How you want, where you want, only limited by your imagination!

If this is you, then a Celebrant-led wedding could be the perfect choice for you. People from all around the world are working with Celebrants like me, to create their perfect ceremony, together.

Your day, your way.


  • You, reflected in a wedding ceremony that is unique, creatively different, perfectly you!
    No ‘off-the-peg’, ‘insert-name-here’ ceremony for you!
  • Somewhere memorable and different – a fairy-tale chateau, in your garden, on a beach, by a lake, in a woodland, up a mountain; you decide!
  • Something that expresses your beliefs and values, with religious elements if you’d like them, and not just a legal ceremony.
  • In the evening, at night, even at midnight!
  • Relaxed and fun! Filled with laughter, not legalities; smiles, not seriousness; celebration, not regulation.
  • To last as long as you’d like it to, complete with all the elements you’d like to include – readings, poems, music, rituals, whatever!
  • Led by someone who is experienced, confident with a crowd, to whom your guests will warm (that’s me by the way!)
  • To be the product of your creativity, a mix of your individual ideas and not just what you are given by the authorities
  • Because someone in your family would benefit from more flexibility than other options might allow.



I’ve borrowed a blog from a fellow Celebrant, that is all about what it can be like to ask a friend or family member to lead your wedding ceremony. It looks at the pros and cons to help you make the best decision for you, without making any costly or stressful mistakes. It has not been written to try to convince you against having a family member or friend lead your wedding ceremony for you. It’s been written to make sure that you understand what it is you’ll be asking of them, and whether they really are best placed to lead this really important, grand opening to your wedding day for you. That’s all…..

Everything you need to think about before asking a friend or family member to lead your wedding ceremony for you

and this one considers the same question in a rather different way….

Eight reasons why friends or family members shouldn’t officiate your wedding ceremony

Whatever you decide, I hope you have an amazing wedding day!



You and your fiancé(e) are at the heart of what I do. As your Celebrant, I will lead your big day, delivering the ceremony we have created out of your dreams and aspirations, and from my suggestions, for your day
I’m professional but friendly, organised and calm, experienced yet still excited about celebrating your unique love story. I’d love to explore your plans with you!

I’ll ask you lots of questions that will give me a picture of you and your wishes and aspirations. Together we’ll use them and work closely to design the perfect ceremony and wedding day – bringing you an experience everyone will love and remember. We’ll explore your hopes for the day, and then, with my experience and resources, I’ll create you a first draft to see and comment on. There’s no limit to the amount of revision and development you can ask for – it’s all included.

Even if you’ve planned everything to the last detail, you’ll know two things for sure: that you want everything to work on the day, and that you don’t need the stress of making it happen! That’s where I come in – you plan, I deliver.

Regardless of how much we plan and prepare for your ceremony, there is always the potential for the unexpected (inclement weather can obviously play its part!), but more often it is those impromptu acts or comments that raise a smile, create a laugh, or bring on a tear during the ceremony. These are the things that add so much joy and warmth to your Celebrant-led wedding and I embrace them all, happily working with ad lib and ad hoc ‘contributions’ from whichever quarter, to make yours a day to remember.


I can suggest or incorporate any traditions and rituals you would like to observe as part of your ceremony.

Ever thought about ‘handfasting’ and its origins? This is where the phrase ‘tying the knot’ comes from. It’s the ancient practice of tying a couple’s hands together to show that they are now married.

Other rituals, such as making a cocktail, blending whisky or rum, illustrate how combinations of different elements unite to create something new – just like a couple do in marriage.

Other ideas include candle lighting to symbolise the joining of two families, weaving and much more.

When working with couples of particular faith backgrounds I’m always willing to explore their customs and use these too.

If you find something that really captures your imagination, bring it on!


When Stephanie and Ambroise got married under an old tree in a hotel garden in south west France, we created a ceremony that was personal and very family orientated. Their ceremony had readings from both Steph’s sister and their daughter. When their little girl had a sudden attack of shyness and was not happy to read her piece, I gently knelt beside her and helped her through.

If you are fortunate to have talented guests, let’s explore how they could become involved in your ceremony – after all, who wants a wedding the same as everyone else?! Let yours be unique. And if you’d like recommendations of people who could bring something unique to your ceremony, let’s talk.

Spontaneity is a welcome addition to the occasion and I’m always relaxed enough to make space for the unrehearsed, the quirky, the laughs and the unexpected emotions of people taking part in your day.


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