You can, of course, book me as Celebrant only but many couples value knowing that their carefully laid plans are in good hands and that they can relax and enjoy their wedding day.
I’m available as both Celebrant – leading the ceremony – and as Wedding Day Coordinator (Master of Ceremonies) – making your announcements and ensuring the whole day runs smoothly from beginning to end.

Booking me in this role will help you enjoy your day, knowing that your plans are being looked after, your guests hosted, your announcements made and your suppliers (caterers, photographer, musicians etc) are being coordinated.

In this role I’ll be there 3 hours in advance of the ceremony with a timeline and planning sheet that we’ve agreed a few weeks in advance. My professional eye, and hands-on approach, can make sure your day is as perfect as you always imagined.


A non-religious naming ceremony gives parents the opportunity to gather with family and friends to welcome their child into the family.

I would be delighted to create and conduct a naming ceremony for your child. It’s important for you to understand that this will be a totally unique, bespoke event, based on your aspirations, beliefs and dreams for them.

As such, I will put together some suggestions to guide our discussions and provide some structure for the occasion. It is all for your feedback and approval.

You can have the naming ceremony wherever you want and at any time of the day, but please note that it might be necessary to obtain approval from the relevant authorities if you choose a public space.

The essence of the day is to celebrate the child’s life, to welcome them into the bosom of the family, and into the hearts of your closest friends. As parents, you will state your hopes and wishes for their future and will share the experience with family and friends.

You and your guests will collectively promise to care for them and those that you have chosen to play a particularly important role, in your child’s life, will make their own commitments. These ‘Guideparents’ make commitments to support the child as they grow. 

Some like to personalise the ceremony with readings and poems or include symbolic elements such as lighting candles or planting.

If the naming ceremony is held in the garden of your family home, you could include a tree planting ritual to watch the tree grow as your child does. As the guests help plant the tree, they could make a wish for the child.

Each element should ideally reflect your values, your ethos and your beliefs, together with your hopes for your child – whatever they may be. Readings can be poems, book excerpts, song lyrics, things you’ve made up, or that I can compose for you.

I will also research and share the significance and meaning behind the child’s name and, if relevant, incorporate it into the ceremony.

I will suggest that we meet and discuss what you’d like to do. I will then compile a draft ceremony for your feedback or approval before adding the full text, again for your review and agreement.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss your child’s naming ceremony.


Saying goodbye to someone you’ve loved is undoubtedly a difficult time in one’s life. It is important to grieve and to remember.

Arranging a ceremony that helps us, and all who come together, to celebrate our memories and say our farewells, plays an important part in that grieving process. I will work with you to create a ceremony that captures the spirit and character of the person whose passing we mark and whose life we celebrate.

I would be honoured to assist you at this time, whether for the funeral itself, or for a Life Celebration ceremony (often referred to as a Memorial Ceremony).

You can call me direct on + or ask your Funeral Director to contact me.


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