Where do you do weddings?

I live and work in South West France, but can conduct weddings across the country

We don’t live in France; can we have a wedding ceremony there?

Yes, because we’re talking about a wedding ceremony, rather than a legal marriage. You will need to be legally married elsewhere* and then have a separate celebration, making promises to one another and marking the occasion in exactly the way you want. The wedding ceremony I will lead for you has no legal standing.

*(the Mairie in France for French residents, a Registry Office in the UK, or a legally recognised marriage in your home country)

Can you legally marry us?

No – but I can create you a perfect, bespoke ceremony that is tailored uniquely for you, which a legal ceremony may not be able to give you. If you choose a Celebrant-led wedding, then it’s necessary to attend your local Registry office to complete the legal formalities.

Where do your couples come from?

I’m delighted to work with couples coming to France from all over the world, to fulfil their wedding dreams.

How will we connect with you to discuss our plans?

Meeting in person is really useful but not crucial. A lot of our consultation will be via video calls (Skype, Facetime, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.) or on the phone; this becomes really useful as we move nearer the day and you want to talk things through. I also offer a rehearsal, so please ask if this is something you want to consider

What elements can we include in our wedding ceremony?

If it suits you and is kind and respectful to others, there is no limit to what you can include. You will exchange promises in words, either your own, or those written by someone else that truly captures what you want to say.
In addition to your verbal commitments, you might want to exchange wedding rings, experience the symbolism of handfasting, or have a unity candle ritual. We can discuss how to use a wine, spirits or other blending ceremony, to illustrate love and relationships. You can have readings, poetry, music or any kind of performance art to add another dimension to your event, the list is only limited by your imagination

Whatever you choose, I will ensure that your ceremony is a true celebration of your love.

Is there anything we MUST include?

No. The ceremony is yours, and as it is a Celebrant-led ceremony, you have complete freedom.

Can we have a prayer or a blessing?

Yes, we can work together to create any expression of your faith or spirituality, which I would then lead.

We are a same-sex couple. Is that a problem to you?

My services are for all loving people, regardless of sexuality, race, colour and ethnicity

Another question?

Please get in touch!


How will we connect with you to discuss our plans?

Please call me direct on +, email me at or ask your Funeral Director to contact me. Following which, we can arrange a convenient time to visit and talk about the person who has passed on and the funeral itself.

Can you write and give the eulogy?

A eulogy is a spoken tribute to a person who has died, and getting this right is very important. I’ll visit and carefully listen to you as you tell me about the person.  Although I may not have known them personally, it would be my privilege to create and read their eulogy; many people find it helpful to not have the worry of a family member or friend having this responsibility.

What elements can we include in a funeral ceremony?

Anything you like – as long as it suits you and is being kind and respectful to others. Traditional elements – readings, poetry, music etc are all possible, but so are other elements.

Is there anything we MUST include?

No. The ceremony is yours; it needs to be true to the person we are remembering and helpful to guests. 

Can we have a prayer?

Yes, of course. I have an open spirituality and will prepare your occasion with or without prayer, as you prefer

Do we have to have a prayer, or mention God?

No. The service needs to be true to you as a family and to the memory of the person, so the choice is entirely up to you. As a person with no religious affiliations, I’m happy to follow your lead.

What is a Life Celebration and how is it different to a funeral?

Whilst every funeral needs to celebrate the life a person has lived, a Life Celebration is an optional, separate occasion – it can sometimes be quite a while after a person has died. It is longer than a funeral ceremony and can contain more elements. Being sometime after a funeral, there is often less sense of grief and it becomes a healing occasion when smiles and laughter can play their part on our journey towards acceptance. I don’t need to have taken the funeral to take the Life Celebration. You can hold this anywhere and may not need me – though having a professional, experienced Celebrant to lead things through can be really useful.

A different question?

Get in touch. I’ll be happy to talk with you.


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